Welcome to Warsaw Blockchain Week!

This year we're transforming Warsaw, a tech hub teeming with talent, into a hotbed of Web3 action. A series of community-organized side events, including conferences, networking meetups, and parties will make it the largest blockchain event ever held in Poland. Immerse yourself in a wave of knowledge, meet fellow web3 enthusiasts, and who knows? You might even find the perfect crew to start your dream project.

Ready to make a splash? Pack your bags & dive in!

It's a community that drives us! Feel like contributing? List your side event by filling out 👉 This form.

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Warsaw Blockchain Week Event

Discover Warsaw: An Quick Guide for the Web3 Traveler

Warsaw is a vibrant city blending a long tradition with communist era “commits” & modern innovations.

Its charm is in the city’s fusion of cultures and epochs, with restored Gothic architecture standing alongside futuristic skyscrapers. As the host city for the Warsaw Blockchain Week and ETHWarsaw, it serves as an excellent spot for the week-long celebration of Web3 communities.

So, whether you're a hacker, developer, enthusiast or a serious CEO, Warsaw invites you to come, explore, and be part of this the biggest blockchain event in Poland!

🗺️We put together this handy Google Map with all the best spots to hang out, have fun, work & rest.

The highlights include:

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